FAQ of Guard Patrol System

Q:Can two patrol plans use the same location?
Yes, but they need to be set to different time periods. If they are set to the same time period, you need to bind different device to each plan, otherwise the information of plan A in the patrol report will be duplicated in plan B.
Q:What is the maximum number of devices, people, locations and schedules that can be added to the stand-alone software?
There is no limit.
Q:What should I do if the device is not connected when reading data?
  • Clean the interface between the data cable and the device.
  • Replace the USB port. The USB port on the front of the chassis may have unstable power supply.
  • It is better to connect the notebook to a power source, if the power is low, the USB port may not be powered.
  • Replace the data cable.
Q:No response when connecting the device and clicking Register Device?
You need to click register device first, then connect the device; Or disconnect the cable and reconnect it, it will recognize the device model automatically.
Q:Possible reasons for the failure of uploading data on online devices?
The cell phone card is out of charge, bad signal, not doing port mapping in the router, firewall is not closed, APN setting is not correct.
Q:Prompts can not read the data, read the data failure.
  • Check whether the reader is working normally, normal ringing, lighting or one long and two short flashes. (Instead, check if the battery is charged.)
  • Check if several readers are doing this.
  • The data cable is generally recommended to use the U-port at the back of the desktop, the front U-port may have unstable power supply .
  • Check whether the model of the device and the software correspond to each other.
  • Check if the driver is installed properly.
Q:V8+T8 device: when put the reader on the download base station to read data, the software keeps reporting error and prompting "Please connect the device".
Maybe the software is not the latest version. Pleaes confirm whether the software version is the latest one. 2.0 The latest version of the software is 2.7.1.
Q:2.0 software 5000V8 device registration steps:
  • Go to the 2.0 software and open the Register Device screen;
  • Place the V8 device into the T8 download station;
  • After the V8 device screen shows communication in progress, connect the download station to the USB port on the back of the computer case via the USB cable;