About Us

JWM Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd

JWM Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd. is a high technology enterprise that deals in manufacturing, R&D, marketing qualified auto identification products. JWM company is a professional manufacturer of Touch guard tour systems, RFID guard tour systems, GPRS guard tour systems, GPS guard tour systems, access control, and other time and attendance products, which can be used in Guard Patrol Monitoring and Tracking System, Attendance Monitoring, Incident Reporting, etc. Besides best quality products and remarkable technology, JWM also provides customers full solutions and comprehensive after-sales service. Through these years of persistent innovation and development, JWM has become the leading manufacturer of guard tour products and established branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. With high credit standing, best-qualified products, a good service system, and a competitive price, in the past 21 years, the companyโ€™s partners/agents/distributors have spread across 119 countries and regions on five continents including Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia.