Vanma Lock for Jewelry Display Cabinet in Tanzania

Vanma Lock for Jewelry Display Cabinet in Tanzania

Challenge: A lock control system that automatically analyzes lock opening and closing data

This jewelry store in Tanzania is a small and famous local jewelry store with a large amount of jewelry and expensive jewelry. Security for sales and control of internal staff were their main pain points. Vanma took many measures to ensure that the jewelry was managed securely at all stages to keep the jewelry store running properly.

“We need a locking system to ensure the security and stability of jewelry in the sales, inventory, incoming and outgoing. Make sure there are clear traceability channels for time, handlers, and operation information in each link, and it cannot be opened by unauthorized people at will. At the same time, we also have high requirements for the security of the locks. “The managers of jewelry stores put forward their needs. They needed to know when the jewelry was taken at each step of the process and who had made the take. The original mechanical locks were difficult to have clear management of the flow of jewelry due to a large number of jewelry cabinets and the complexity of the sales staff. They were looking for a more logical management solution.

Vanma Solution

After in-depth research and system planning, this jewelry store in Tanzania chose to use the Vanma control system. Vanma helped them to install Vanma electronic locks and configure Vanma management system for the cabinets in the product display and stockroom cabinets and other segments of the jewelry store. “Our use of Vanma’s access control system has been very helpful in securing the store’s jewelry property. “The jewelry store gave Vanma this feedback.

  • The Vanma access control system manages access rights via electronic keys.

For the different identities of jewelry store managers and sales staff, the Vanma locking system implements hierarchical management and authorization management in the software platform. Setting access rights for each electronic key, gives them the access rights they need to complete their work. The sales team leader of the jewelry store assigns the key authority according to the personnel on duty that day, the salesperson receives the key, the software records the time of receiving, and the lock is opened and closed according to the business site using the key, the electronic key will record the unlocking person and the unlocking time, and the electronic key is returned after the work of the day, the system software will automatically record the return person and the return time. The system software will automatically analyze the unlocking data (information about the person who switches the lock, the number of times the lock is switched, the interval time of each time, and other data).

  • Vanma smart key can open multiple locks with one key.
  • Vanma smart key has blacklist function.

If the key is lost, Vanma intelligent system can add the lost key sequence to the black list and disable the authorization authority of the lost key. It can effectively avoid property security problems caused by lost keys, and save the cost of replacing locks due to lost keys.

The Vanma solution has improved the efficiency of our jewelry property management, satisfying the need for security and effective management. We are very benefited. ” said the jewelry store manager.

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