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Security System Solution

JWM Guard Tour Patrol System, 125kHz RFID Security Guard Equipment with LCD Screen

JWM Guard Tour Patrol System, 125kHz RFID Security Guard Equipment with LCD Screen

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Product Introduction:

  • User-Friendly. No buttons, RFID auto-induction. Buzzer and LED dual reading prompts. High download speed via USB cable to the computer, capable of transferring 8000 records per minute.
  • Free Stand-Alone Version Software. It can add 1000+ checkpoints, and set multiple patrol plans; the report shows the patrol location, time, personnel, leakage datas etc. You can clearly know whether the patrol personnel accurately and on time to complete the patrol task.
  • Battery Model. Battery Powered: It uses CR123A model battery. The battery is an international standard model, if the battery is low, please replace the battery. Usually, the patrol reader can be used for about 60 days when reading the tags 500 times/day.
  • Waterproof and Drop-Proof. The alloy shell prevents dust from entering, and the silicone liner protects the host board, providing effective anti-fall functionality. With an IP67 waterproof rating, the patrol reader can operate normally in harsh environments.
  • Complete After-Sales Service. Lifetime technical support ensuring ongoing assistance. Detailed manuals and video guides are available to assist with the setup. Additionally, 1v1 remote service is provided. 

Package Includes:

  • Guard Patrol Reader
  • Check Points
  • Staff Tag
  • Cable
  • USB Software Guide
  • Packing Box

Technical Parameters:

  • Physical: Durable aluminum alloy case with rubber outer shell
  • Storage Capacity: 60000 reads
  • Battery: 3.7V Lithium Battery, 300mAh, 30,000 continuous reads
  • Standby Time: Read 500 cards per day and use for 3 months
  • Communications: USB Cable
  • Prompt Means: LED flash + vibration prompt
  • Operating Temperature: -40℃~+85℃
  • Humidity: 10%~90%
  • Dimensions: 150mm×42mm×32mm
  • Weight: 191g
  • Single Package Size: 21cmx17cmx9cm


Stand-alone software is provided by default and placed on a USB flash drive in package.
Stand-Alone Software
  • Flexible Work Hours. You can set up several different patrol programs, able to adapt to the attendance needs of different time periods.
  • Multi-Location Attendance. You can add multiple checkpoint and name them separately, such as parking lots, warehouses, etc., which can accurately record the attendance of each location.
  • Attendance Data Integrity. Patrol report can be viewed in the time, location, personnel, program name, the number of inspections, the number of inspections, missed inspection data.
  • Equipment Requirements. If only 1 staff member is needed to patrol at different time periods, only 1 reader is needed. If you need more than one staff to patrol at the same time, you need more than one reader.
  • Multi-computer Data Interoperability. Managers can view patrol reports on other computers even when they are on business trips.
  • If you need additional functions, please tell us and we will communicate to our engineers to determine.
Cloud Software (Cloud Software has all the functions of stand-alone software) In addition to that
  • No need to install the software on computer, the cloud software only requires a web login and can be set up after logging in.
  • You can use the mobile app to log in for attendance clocking and view the data. Note: Can't set up in APP.


It is the ideal solution for companies to track employees whose work duties require moving from place to place, such as security guard patrolling, policeman patrolling, remote equipment inspection, nurse rounds, etc. Guard tour monitoring in the shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, buildings, factories, schools, airports, hospitals, banks, and blocks, etc.

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