Vanma Lock for Mexico Utility Electric Meter

Vanma Lock for Mexico Utility Electric Meter

Challenge: Customized lock management for meter boxes

The Mexico utility electric meter project was an important project to protect local outdoor power security. The meter boxes were scattered and located in a remote and harsh environment. Vanma took a number of steps to secure the meter boxes in order to keep the power safe and stable.

“We needed a locking management system to be able to manage the electric utility meter in our jurisdiction in a uniform manner to avoid tampering and tampering by unauthorized persons. At the same time, due to the decentralized nature of the meter box locations, there is also a need to be able to monitor the maintenance of the meter boxes by operators to ensure that the information is true and reliable.” The project leaders presented their needs. They needed to know who unlocked the meter boxes, and when and where the operations were performed. They were looking for a locking product compatible with their meter boxes.

Vanma Solution  

After thorough research and system planning, the project chose to use the Vanma control system, which helped them customize the locks for each area of their utility electric meter to specifically fit their meters. Ensuring that they could fit the meters and act as an effective lock, the Vanma management system was configured. “Our use of Vanma’s access control system has been instrumental in securing the meter boxes.” The project manager gave Vanma this feedback.

  • Vanma access control system with electronic key for access authorization.

The Vanma locking system enables hierarchical and authorized management in the software platform. Vanma sets the access rights for each electronic key by giving it the access rights it needs to complete its work. No less than two electric meter readers can go to the site for electricity inspection, they carry Bluetooth electronic keys to the work site and connect to the server through the cell phone APP to obtain the locking authority. The APP synchronizes the unlocking records, unlocking time, and personnel to the background. After the meter check operation, get permission to close the lock through APP, verify the fingerprint, perform the lock closing operation, and APP synchronizes the data to the background.

  • Vanma smart key can open multiple locks by one key, which solves the problem of too many meter box locations causing too many keys to be badly distinguished and saves a lot of cost for customers. The electronic key has a fingerprint function different personnel can unlock and control the key after entering.
  • Vanma’s lock body is made of stainless steel and has IP68 protection level.

It has good adaptability for the geographical location where the outdoor meter box is located and has good resistance to corrosion-prone areas. At the same time, Vanma locks use the infrared contact unlocking method, which can prevent picking and vandalism while retaining the traditional unlocking method.

“The Vanma solution has improved our management efficiency for meter boxes and met our needs for intelligent management of meter equipment. It is very effective in protecting the security of electricity,” said the project manager.

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