CCTV VS Guard Tour System: Which One Is Better?

CCTV VS Guard Tour System: Which One Is Better?

The comparison of CCTV vs guard tour systems has become a more significant debate in the security industry. Both of these security options offer both protection and act as crime deterrents. However, which one is better?

Firstly, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two.

Advantages of CCTV:

CCTV system is a safe and convenient technology choice. The sight of surveillance cameras alone is enough to make thieves think twice.

The advantages of CCTV surveillance include: Integrated audio for recording and warning potential intruders. Low level of maintenance required and longer uptime. Provide 24/7/365 protection, it does not require holidays, will never get sick, and always be vigilant.

Reduce long-term costs. Compared with security personnel, the security camera system only costs a small part of the security personnel’s payroll. The initial installation may be expensive, but it will gradually decrease after the first year.

Disadvantages of CCTV:

The incomplete coverage of the CCTV is the primary problem, and there must be a blind spot somewhere. If left unchecked, this could become a serious threat to your safety.

Advantages of Guard Tour System:

The lack of CCTV in some rural areas makes it difficult to prevent crime. You need to in other ways to guarantee the security of your business such as guard patrols necessarily. Regular patrols of your property are still one of the most effective techniques in the security industry.

Guard patrol is actually preventive protection, and many problems can be found during the patrol that cannot be monitored by monitoring. During the patrol, security personnel can quickly investigate the problem and provide a practical deterrent to any possible intruders. In the event of any emergency, you can intervene as soon as possible to avoid property losses due to missing the best processing time.

The SOS and man-down functions of the guard patrol system can also protect your guards. In the event of an emergency attack, personal injury, or abnormal physical condition of the guards suddenly fall down, it will automatically real-time send an alarm to the console to ensure the safety of the guards.

Disadvantages of Guard Tour System:

Hiring security guards to prevent theft and vandalism, 24 hours a day, security costs can be high. If the working hours exceed the maximum working hours, you will need multiple guards.

Due to the randomness and uncertainty of patrols, there is no guarantee that security guards will be present or around when accidents happen.


In general, monitoring means that when the system alarms, the relevant person in charge will be notified in time via SMS or email to deal with the problem in time. Specific problem analysis also requires artificial problem analysis and fault location. Daily patrol is to conduct a more in-depth correlation analysis of the data of these monitoring platforms to check the content that the monitoring platform cannot monitor. Monitoring is more of a tool to discover problems in time to ensure the stable operation of the system. But patrol is the biggest supplement to the monitoring, found some hidden problems which CCTV can’t monitor. The two work together to provide a powerful security solution.


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