The Application and Advantages of Guard Patrol Systems in the Logistics

The Application and Advantages of Guard Patrol Systems in the Logistics

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What is a Guard Patrol System?

A patrol system integrates hardware and software to monitor and record the activities of patrol personnel, ensuring that security patrol tasks are executed as planned.

Main Functions of Patrol Systems

  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Patrol Path Recording
  • Anomaly Reporting
  • Data Analysis and Report Generation

Security Challenges in the Logistic Industry

  • Inventory Theft and Damage
  • Employee Safety
  • Risks During Transportation
  • Safety Regulations and Compliance Requirements

Advantages of JWM Guard Patrol Tour Systems in the Logistics 

💂Night Patrol Illumination: In logistics warehouses and transportation processes, night operations are common. The illumination function provides enough light within a 5-6 meter range, ensuring that patrol personnel can clearly inspect the surroundings and prevent accidents.
💂Patrol Reminders: In the logistics industry, the frequency and coverage of security patrols are very important. Multifunctional patrol readers can set 200 patrol reminders, ensuring that patrol personnel do not miss key areas, effectively improving security management levels.
💂Automatic Checkpoint Reading: Logistics warehouses and transportation routes often involve multiple checkpoints. Guard tour systems can automatically read these checkpoints, reducing manual operations and improving efficiency.
💂Dual Reading Alerts with Vibration and Color LED: This feature helps patrol personnel instantly understand the status of the guard tour system, ensuring that each checkpoint is accurately recorded and avoiding missed or erroneous readings. It is suitable for logistics warehouses, distribution centers, and other locations requiring multiple patrols.
💂Meeting Specific Business Needs: Different segments of the logistics industry may have different management requirements. Customized software features can optimize the functionality of guard tour systems, making them better suited for specific applications like warehouse management and transportation safety.


    Q: How do I turn on the flashlight?

    A:Touch the flashlight icon on the screen directly to turn it on.

    Yes, electronic door lock systems are designed with robust security features, including advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms, to safeguard against unauthorized access.

    Q: Is the software free?

    A:The stand-alone software and cloud software are both free.

    Q: How long is the standby time?

    A:It is fully charged in 5 hours and can last for 110 days. Even with low battery, it may be used for 25 days.


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